Public Statement about Racist Harassment in Grinnell 

Fall color from the air Oct. 11, 2022. (Photo by Justin Hayworth/Grinnell College)

We call on the citizens of Grinnell to mobilize against the acts of racist harassment that continue to happen in the city of Grinnell and the campus of Grinnell College. Black citizens, students, and community members are being harassed, and we need your help; we need our community to step up and make this harassment stop. The city and the College are working with local law enforcement to hold those responsible accountable. We must act as a community, as a united whole, and not be complacent to racism in our community.

Here are actions you can take: 

  1. Report racist harassment and vandalism to Grinnell Police at 641-623-5602 or 911 
  2. Call the Grinnell Police department at the same number if you know the individual(s) involved 
  3. Photograph license plate numbers of vehicles harassing citizens to give to police 
  4. Enroll in bystander intervention training by leaving your contact information at 641-269-3407 

There is more, longer-term work to be done. To make a difference, we must all act together. We ask you to think of what motivates you – human dignity, neighborliness, what it means to live in Grinnell – and to act on that for the good of this community and its citizens. Join us to stop racist harassment and vandalism in Grinnell, Iowa.  

Dan F. Agnew, Mayor of Grinnell, Iowa 
Anne F. Harris, President of Grinnell College


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