Grinnell College to award 2018 Grinnell Prize to Mélanie Marcel on Oct. 2


Grinnell College to award 2018 Grinnell Prize to Mélanie Marcel on Oct. 2

Grinnell Prize Week events to explore issues of science, innovation and social impact

 GRINNELL, Iowa — On Tuesday, Oct. 3, Grinnell College President Raynard S. Kington will award the $100,000 Grinnell College Innovator for Social Justice Prize of to Mélanie Marcel, founder and CEO of SoScience. Based in France, SoScience brings together scientists and social entrepreneurs around the world to collaborate on research to solve global challenges.

In her work as a laboratory scientist, Marcel realized researchers most often conduct projects for which they can secure corporate or government funding, rather than projects that address community or environmental needs. Marcel founded SoScience to disrupt this system and create a new model for driving research. SoScience’s mission is to “engage scientists in solving societal challenges across the globe by creating collaborations with social entrepreneurs and advocating a research approach focused on social impact.”

Throughout Grinnell Prize Week, Oct. 2–4, students, faculty, staff, and the public will have the opportunity to interact with Marcel and learn about developing responsible research and innovation projects, interdisciplinary social entrepreneurship and collaboration between scientists and social entrepreneurs.

The following events are free and open to everyone:

Tuesday, Oct. 2

11:15 a.m.–12:15 p.m.

Joe Rosenfield ’25 Center, Room 101, 1115 Eighth Ave., Grinnell

Grinnell Prize Awards Ceremony and Keynote by Prize Winner Mélanie Marcel

Lunch will be provided.

4:15–6 p.m.

Rosenfield Center, Room 101

Workshop with Mélanie Marcel

Using Science for Good: A New Field with its Own Actors and Methodologies

We are constantly bombarded with news of scientific breakthroughs and controversies. How do we support socially-just research and development? How can we intentionally construct research and innovation projects that are built to bring about positive social change? Who are the players in this field and what interdisciplinary links can be made to social entrepreneurship? This skill-building workshop will offer an overview of this emerging interdisciplinary field and present tools you can use to develop responsible research and innovation projects. RSVP to

Wednesday, Oct. 3

7:30–9 p.m.

Rosenfield Center, Room 209

Workshop with Mélanie Marcel

Facilitating Collaborations Between Scientists and Social Entrepreneurs and Grassroots Change Agents
Marcel will present concrete examples, strategies, and tools designed and used by SoScience. In addition, participants in SoScience’s collaborative programs will describe their experiences and outcomes. RSVP to

Thursday, Oct. 4

11:15 a.m.–1 p.m.

Noyce Science Center, Room 1023, 1116 Eighth Ave., Grinnell

Panel Discussion: Careers Connecting Science and the Social Good

Panelists are Grinnell College alumni and faculty who are working in careers that use science to positively impact change. They will discuss their collaborative work, how their careers have evolved, and how to go about entering similar fields. Lunch will be provided.


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