Build A Better Grinnell 2030 Visioning Project


What better way to start off the new year thinking about the future! Chamber Ambassadors met today and took part in the Build a Better Grinnell 2030 Community Visioning Project surveying. Build A Better Grinnell is working to complete a community wide comprehensive vision for Grinnell. It’s been 10 years since the last community-wide assessment and as we evaluate how the world has changed post-pandemic, it’s a great time to discuss strengths and opportunities for our town. Ambassadors split into small groups and answered just a few of the questions on the survey. We had some great discussions about times we felt connected to the community, new things we’d like to see added, and opportunities for change. We encourage all Grinnellians, businesses, organizations and the like to complete the survey. If you’ve already completed the survey in one setting (individually, at work, in a group, etc.) you can still take it in another! The great thing about this type of process is your answers may change or you make think of new things if you’re in different settings with different people. Visit to learn more about the project and take the survey.


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