A Thought or Two on the Grinnell Ragbrai Pass Through and Pictures


My role this year was to gather some quick pictures for ourgrinnell.com rather than ride as in the past and what fun it was! Where in the world can you find the community mayor walking around greeting visitors. Then the chamber president and OG’s official photographer and journalist. Then Ragbrai’s local co-ordinator Kendra Vincent of the chamber whizzes by all in just a few hours that took literally hundreds of hours of planning and hundreds of volunteers! Some how I missed Marissa Pronschinske of the chamber that was also involved. In this sequence are pictures of several riders that I talked to and will tell their story below the picture. Everyone involved deserves accolades from the community for pulling this off!. The effort is sensational and shows community spirit. Watch for J. o. Parker’s pictures and feature story soon!

Bayer Crop Science had over 80 volunteers for the Ragbrai pass through. Four are pictured here.

Bayer Crop Science had over 80 volunteers for the Ragbrai pass through. Four are pictured here.

This gentleman is from North Carolina and supporting his wife that is from close to Cloutier just to the east in Tama county. Her family farms. She does some or all of Ragbrai each year and he was required to ride Ragbrai as a pre-condition to marriage. He has done 7 but kinda coasting now. Upon retirement his wife wants to move back and he has a continuing and developing love for Iowa.

A couple from Northwest Iowa enjoying Grinnell’s hospitality. They were very pleasant and loved the opportunity.

This avid cyclist if from upstate New York and is doing Ragbrai for the first time. He is with several friends from the same area that finally talked him into doing the ride and will definitely be back next year. He said he had never seen so many corn and beans. He also loves the positive attitude and camaraderie of cyclists in general.