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Then There is the Halloween Parade

What is Halloween without a parade—costumes and safe distancing?  So, we had one of those in The Mayflower Community on Friday.  The stars were children of Mayflower employees and their family members.

Starting at the corner of 2nd and Broad, the procession headed south with a first stop at Watertower Square, where prepackaged treats were distributed by Community Life Coordinator, Victoria Collins.  From there, they traveled south to 1st Avenue and east to the southeast corner of the Beebe Assisted Living building.  Waiting with glee were resident Kay Roberts, an experienced grandmother, and a deer (Julie Smith, BSN, RN).  More treats!

The procession finished across the street east in front of Mayflower’s Health Center for one more round of goodies.

For our residents, safely sheltered indoors on a blustery day, there was almost as much enjoyment as the families had outfitting their kids.

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