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Special thanks to YOU!

Today is an important day in America – we have the freedom to select our leadership and those who will make critical decisions that affect our livelihoods. 
When I announced that I was running for Iowa House District 76, I would never have imagined that instead of knocking on doors and reaching out to voters, I would be finding ways to creatively engage with constituents in a global pandemic and a derecho. I can proudly announce that we have raised over $70,000 and with in-kind donations I am over $100,000. Thank you to everyone that has supported my campaign.

This campaign has delivered over 4,500 door-to-door pieces all over House District 76 and mailed over 25,000 campaign mail pieces addressing the issues that are the center of my campaign. Finally, over 1,000 handwritten postcards have gone out to the district.

Many of you have already voted and I am thankful to have received so many words of encouragement among those who have chosen to vote for me. Whatever happens by the end of the tally, I want to share a special thank you message to all of you who have been there to support my campaign along the way.
I hope to have the opportunity to represent you in Des Moines. Thank you!

Sarah Smith, Iowa House District 76 Candidate

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