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Katie In is In at Mayflower

As part of the Grinnell Area Arts Council “Music+Health” program community offerings, Katie In performed some oldies on the keyboard in The Mayflower Community on October 10th.

Katie, a Chicago native, is a 2013 graduate of Grinnell College in sociology with an emphasis in art and music.  After graduation, she moved away, only to return a few years later.  Now, she works for the Grinnell Area Arts Council in education and operations management, teaching children and keeping books for the hub of art and community in Grinnell.  In addition, Katie is the director of the Music+Health program.

In Katie’s own words, “Music + Health is to music therapy as a fitness class is to professional therapy.”  She much enjoys taking music to the community to enhance listeners’ lives.  She returned to live in Grinnell “…because I like it.  I know it’s a really simple answer.”  She wanted to stay as she learned that “There is a really solid community in the arts here.”

During Katie’s Mayflower session, she played a number of oldies from the collection, “Pop Songs That Will Live Forever.”  She has been drawn to this music as she recalls the music that her mother and grandfather played during Katie’s youth.

Katie and fellow alum Erik Jarvis, Grinnell College Class of 2012, currently play as a group known as “Pink Neighbor.”

During the stint at Mayflower, Katie played a number of soothing songs designed to encourage listeners to slow down a bit and even meditate.  In addition, she sang a couple of songs she composed in Country Western/Blue Grass theme.

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