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How Is John Doing on the 40,000 Piece Puzzle?

Last February, we announced that Mayflower Community resident John Noer was about to tackle a 40,000 piece puzzle.  The 6’ x 22’ Ravensburger stumper was delivered to Mayflower’s Basement Craft Room in the Edwards building.  Packed in a 3’ x 1’ box containing 10 pouches of puzzle pieces, the 10 vivid Disney scenes and characters comprise “The World’s Largest Puzzle.”  The original master was hand-drawn in Germany.

To date, John has finished five of the 10 scenes, each containing about 4,000 pieces.  Working in Mayflower’s Basement Craft Room on two side-by-side six-foot tables, John scoops up pieces with a big spoon and spreads them out by color and edge shape.  Hidden in each of the 10 frames is a Mickey Mouse symbol.  The Ravensburger company estimates that it takes about 600 hours to complete the puzzle—that’s about two hours a day, every day for a year!

The recently completed frame, which is pictured, is “Beauty (Princess Belle) and the Beast.”  On November 11th, John started working on Bambi, the sixth frame.  Only five 4,000-piece frames to go!

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