Grinnell United Way Invites Local Organizations to Apply for Funding


Grinnell United Way Invites Local Organizations to Apply for Funding

Grinnell United Way invites local organizations that serve Grinnell residents to apply to receive funding for 2025.

The Grinnell United Way is helping build a stronger and more supportive community by partnering with local organizations that share our common goal of developing solutions for dealing with education, financial stability, and health for residents in the Grinnell area.

Ashley Grundler, chair of the board, indicates the organization focuses on the community’s toughest challenges and strives to partner with organizations that are actively developing solutions to provide a better quality of life. “Grinnell United Way provides a coordinated fundraising effort to support a number of non-profits in our community,” says Grundler. “We currently support the efforts of 12 organizations that serve more than 3,600 Grinnell residents. These organizations are doing the hard work, and Grinnell United Way wants to offer them support to keep it going.”

Any organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) as tax exempt and provides services to individuals in the greater Grinnell area is eligible to receive funding from Grinnell United Way. Applications are due Friday, June 14, 2024. To submit an application, please visit

Grinnell United Way is is managed by a volunteer board committed to advancing its mission, with 97% of all funds raised going directly to its partner agencies. Last year the organization granted nearly $120,000 to 12 different local agencies serving more than 3,600 residents of Grinnell.

For more information about Grinnell United Way or to make a donation, please visit