Grinnell High School Curtain Club and Thespians present ‘Sherwood,’ Nov. 2 – 5


The Grinnell High School Curtain Club and Thespians present Ken Ludwig’s “Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood,” Nov. 2 – 5. Performances will be Nov. 2 – 4 at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday, Nov. 5 at 3 p.m. in the Grinnell High School Auditorium.

Show Synopsis

Ken Ludwig’s “Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood” is a story about fighting for what your conscience requires. The story begins with a young Robin Hood who believes in nothing but a good time, then comes face to face with the kind of greed and inhumanity that won’t let him sleep at night. Suddenly he’s an outlaw hiding in Sherwood Forest where he joins up with a band of followers including the spirited Friar Tuck, steadfast Little John, masterfully skilled Maid Marian Fitzwalter, and Deorwynn–the feisty daughter of Much the Miller. Will these heroes out-number, out-shoot, and out-smart the villainous Prince John, the arrogant Sir Guy of Gisbourne, and the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham?


            Robin Hood – Green – Billy Lopatto; Robin Hood – Red – Jeslyn Voogd; Friar Tuck – Reece Madren; Marian Fitzwalter – Green – Maggie Kaup; Marian Fitzwalter – Red – Peyton Stevenson; Little John – Toby Crandall; Deorwynn Miller – Green – Elisabeth Kelley-Chown; Deorwynn Miller – Red –Frances Pedersen; Sir Guy of Gibourne – Green – Joel Dressler; Sir Guy of Gisbourne – Red – Roman Mackenzie; Sheriff of Nottingham – Owen Shepardson; Prince John/King Richard – William Kelley-Chown; Forester / Bladen / Much / Simon – Thea Sherman; Forester / Midwife / Friend / Margery / Interpreter – Kenzie Kohl; Forester / Robert / Friend/ Father Goph – Simeon Key; Forester /Roderick / Friend / Bajka / Jacques / Mateo / Matthias – Penelope Fennell; Forester / Heloise / Alize / Friend / Gasper / Etienne / Diego / Maximilian – Kat Neville.

Green cast members will perform Thursday and Sunday; red cast members will perform Friday and Saturday; undesignated cast members will perform every day.

Stage Crew

            Stage Manager – Cameron Thompson; Assistant Stage Manager – Diane Boyd; Assistant Stage Manager – Lucy Turley; Head Costume Crew – Ketsia Kiphanzu; Costumes Crew – Lucy Skouson; Costume Crew – Slane McCue; Costume Crew – River Haenfler; Head Hair / Makeup Crew – Catherine Schubert; Assistant Head Hair / Makeup Crew – Kaia Chang Roper; Hair / Makeup Crew – River Haenfler; Hair / Makeup Crew – Nicole Beyer; Head Lighting Crew – Liam Leasure; Props Crew – Isadora Boyer; Props Crew – Belle Dewey; Props Crew – Jolene Dostal; Co-Head Audio Crew – Ian Durr; Co-Head Audio Crew – Joel Dressler; Audio Crew – Ty Mcintyre; Audio Crew – Myles Manley; Head Front of House Crew – Fern Mieuwsma; Set Construction – Andrew Solomon; Set Construction – Christian Hoth; Director – Kate Baumgartner; Technical Director – Kenneth Phipps.


Ken Ludwig’s “Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at and at the door.