100+ People Who Care–Grinnell Funds Directed to PALS



At the January 24 meeting of 100 + People Who Care–Grinnell, members voted to support a request from the local animal shelter, PALS, to fund emergency vet expenses. The donations will go exclusively to treat rare, urgent vet costs that go beyond the standard care that PALS provides to each animal, which includes vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and microchipping. PALS secures grants and other funding to provide standard care.

The funding decision was made by vote of the members in attendance at the meeting, held Tuesday evening in the parish center at St. Mary Church. New members were welcomed, bringing the total membership to 141. This means that, as each member pledges to support the project with a donation of $100, a total of $ 14,100 should be available to benefit PALS.

100 + People Who Care – Grinnell began its mission of pooled philanthropy in January, 2017. Since that date, the group has grown through 21 quarterly funding cycles, with nearly $300,000 now being given or pledged to area causes. The premise of membership is very simple. Each member pledges to support a selected cause with a check for $100, four times each year.  The members meet quarterly, hear three request presentations, and then vote. They then write checks directly to the organization receiving the plurality of votes.

Membership remains open to all. For further information regarding 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell, please contact any of the current board members:  Ashley and Chris Grundler (641-236-7227), Marta Miller (mjo_miller@yahoo.com), John McCleery (mccleery_john@yahoo.com), Vance and Megan Veldboom (veldboom@iowatelecom.net).


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