Imagine Grinnell Announces Spring Tree Distribution


As part of its mission to keep Grinnell vibrant and enhancing sustainability, Imagine Grinnell will host a free tree distribution in May for residents living in the 50112 zip code who have not received a free tree from Imagine Grinnell in the past. Sign ups for a free tree will open April 11. A variety of trees will be available.

59 trees will be available for delivery and or planting on Friday, May 10. Trees will come in 5, 7 or 10 gallon containers. 42 shade and low-growing trees will be available in the following species: Sugar Maple, Paper Birch, Redbud, Yellowwood, Tulip Tree, Magnolia, Ironwood, White Oak, Frontyard Linden, and Saskatoon Serviceberry. 12 fruit trees including Chestnut Crabapple, Mount Royal Plum, Redhaven Peach, Reliance Peach and Montmorency Cherry and 5 Eastern White Pines will also be available.

Interested residents should complete the Google form link to sign up for a tree: or call 641-236-5518. Please call for more information on out of town delivery or planting help.

 The Imagine Grinnell Tree Corps will be available to assist community members with help planting in yards only. No right of way trees will be planted by Tree Corps. If property owners are interested in planting trees in the right of way, they may do so by following the City of Grinnell guidelines.

For property owners planting trees in the right of way, they must complete the following steps in preparation for the planting:

  • Contact Iowa One Call to locate the existing utilities with a 20’ radius of planting location: 1-800-292-8989.
  • Complete a permit with the city of Grinnell, available online at, under Building & Planning or call (641) 236-2600 for more information. Permits do not need to be completed for trees planted on homeowner’s property in areas not in the right of way.
  • Be prepared to care for the tree for the first few years, including frequent watering and mulching.

While Imagine Grinnell has ended its 1000 Trees programming after planting the 1,000th tree last fall, the IG board is committed to continuing to offer and advocate for tree planting in and around the Grinnell area. If you’re interested in supporting this work and learning about other Imagine Grinnell initiatives, call 641-236-5518 or visit the Imagine Grinnell website at If you’re interested in joining the Tree Corps and volunteering to plant trees, please contact Jennifer at 641-236-5518 or email