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Hotel Grinnell Adds Bamboo Toilet Paper to its Green Initiatives

Grinnell, Iowa (October 2, 2019) — Bamboo toilet paper and facial tissues will join the collection of eco-friendly offerings at Hotel Grinnell starting October 1st.  Hotel Grinnell will start using 100% tree-free toilet paper and facial tissues distributed through Seedling by Grove Collaborative. Seedling products are made from a proprietary blend of bamboo and sugarcane.  

“Bamboo is ready for harvesting in as little as 3 months, while trees take over 20 years,” stated Angela Harrington, co-owner and property manager of Hotel Grinnell. “I have been focused on being eco-friendly from the start of the renovation project with this hotel, so this is one more way for us to help reduce our ecological footprint. Just in our 45- room hotel, this will help us save up to 17 trees per year!” 

Being eco-friendly can be seen throughout the hotel. The original floors and windows were refurbished and retained through the renovation. All of the bed frames were manufactured locally with recycled iron. There is a living plant wall behind the front desk and the registration forms and invoices are printed on recycled lined notebook paper. Each guest room has a separate spot for recyclable items, Boxed Water replaces the traditional bottled water, the linens and towels are organic, plus all shampoo, conditioner and soaps are in bulk containers. The food and beverage department use paper and stainless-steel straws and the housekeeping team use non-toxic cleaning products. In addition to these visual items, the property uses high efficiency heating and cooling systems. 

“Both as a business owner and as a citizen, I believe strongly that we should leave this world a better place than how we found it,” stated Harrington. “These small changes to our daily routine will make a big impact.”

Grove Collaborative is a Certified B Corporation which is recognized as a business doing good for people, animals, communities and the planet.   The company partners with over 100 brands in the baby and kids, household, personal care, and pet departments. Grove Collaborative is partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees across the United States with a goal to plant one million new trees over the next three years.

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