High Speed Underground Fiber Network Launched in Grinnell


Grinnell, Iowa, March 29, 2021 – 

Mahaska Communication Group, known as MCG, is excited to announce that they are breaking ground to bring the entire community of Grinnell their all-fiber network.  After a year filled with several setbacks, a significant change from original plans of building an aerial fiber network to an underground network, and a world pandemic impacting every aspect of life, MCG is thrilled to finally add the community of Grinnell to the MCG Family. 


MCG was born out of a need Musco Sports Lighting had to overcome the local telecommunication services’ limitations and a need for reliable, high-quality communication services to operate their business locally and internationally.  

“At MCG, we are different because we keep you in mind with all the decisions we make.

Our Mission is to provide the most reliable communication services and superior customer support that strengthens the economic vitality, social development, and overall quality of life in the communities we serve.  

We want to build relationships, provide innovative solutions that strengthen and drive new business to the community of Grinnell, improve healthcare, advance education, and help achieve financial sustainability.  Having an all-fiber network provides Grinnell with fast, reliable services. 

Providing our communities with a fast, reliable network is important to us; we have invested in this equipment you can see behind us that will enable us to build our network underground in Grinnell.  This change to our original build is a positive for our customers because there’s less risk of damage from extreme weather conditions like windstorms, tornados, ice storms, or fires that can take down services, less chances for human accidents that can cause outages, and an underground network is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with fewer cables and wires hanging from pole-to-pole in neighborhoods. “Steve Burnett – MCG Assistant General Manager


MCG’s all-fiber network to the home provides customers with symmetrical bandwidths at very affordable prices.

MCG will be bringing to the Grinnell community Gigabit service 

  • 1 GIG will be $59 a month 
  • 2 GIG will be $99 a month
  • Both include Zero Touch whole home Wi-Fi6 service. 

“And rest assured this is not an introductory price, and you won’t find any fine print on our advertising or website.  You can find our Grinnell build map on our website at mahaska.org, illustrating the build boundaries and projected timelines.  Pre-register now so we can get your information and the services you want while being able to keep you informed about the build status in your neighborhood and other relevant information pertaining to our services.”  – Steve Burnett – MCG Assistant General Manager


  • Opening local storefronts and staffing offices with local team members is another way they invest locally in the communities they serve. 
  • Their team members are invested in the communities they serve and ensure they provide a level of service you won’t receive from any other provider.
  • Local means, they can provide same-day support because that is the service YOU deserve.
  • When MCG makes the decision to come to a community, they don’t cherry-pick where they will go to make the most return on their investment; they serve the entire community.  
  • They donate services to the libraries, police and fire departments, and local schools, allowing these vital community organizations to spend their savings on learning materials and needed equipment. 

“We have had the privilege of working with the Grinnell-Newburg School Foundation to provide a hotspot in Grinnell last April making Internet available to those students that might not otherwise have access.  We also worked with the Grinnell Chamber and our parent company, Musco, to provide lighting in the parking lot at the Grinnell College Fieldhouse after the Derecho last summer.

When we first visit folks in a community, we tell them we only want to come where we are wanted and needed.  From the day we began discussions with the Grinnell community folks, we have felt wanted and your excitement for us coming to town.  

Russ and his team at city hall, Rachel and her staff at the chamber, John Kalkbrenner and the folks at Grinnell College, and several other individuals have been instrumental in helping us decide to come to the Grinnell Community. 

We are very excited to make available to the entire Grinnell community the communication services you deserve!  

We believe our actions will show we are not your ordinary communication provider.”  Steve Burnett

Rachael Kinnick – Chamber Director, Dan Agnew – City Mayor, Steve Burnett – Assistant General Manager at MCG, Natalie Leisure – Sales and Marketing Manager at MCG, Russ Behrens – City Manager

Grinnell Team members from Left to Right
Business Account Specialist – Austin Fagen-Scholes, Telecom Support Supervisor – Clayton Kincart, Telecom Installation Technician – Drew Van Rees, Telecom Installation Technician – Jreyton Linderman, Telecom Installation Technician – Ben Farnsworth, and our Customer Service Representatives – Gabby Ferguson and Stephanie Shutts.

MCG Team 
From Left to Right
Dan Gillette, Stephanie Shutts, Gabby Ferguson, Natalie Leisure, Lorrie Klawonn, Matt Tippett, Austin Fagen-Scholes, Steve Burnett, Joe Six, Jreyton Linderman, Drew Van Rees, Justin Shipman, Clayton Kincart, Jason Hewitt, Ben Farnsworth, Jed Reed, Matt Haley, Jake Lovell, Cody Platte, Alec Black Bear, Jason Jaimes, and Lyman Marshall.
Time line roll out for implementation of MCG fiber network. Click on map to enlarge.

MCG offices in Grinnell at the corner of 5th and Broad. Across from St. Mary’s Catholic Church to be completed soon.