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Grinnell Mutual Morale Remains High

Drive by Parade Brings Large Number of Employees together again as work at home continues 

Each week on his Monday staff updates, Jeff mentions how much he misses seeing in person the employees at Grinnell Mutual.  After seeing We heard about similar parades in the news and on social media, so it seemed we could easily stage a parade by his house and give him the opportunity to see his Grinnell Mutual employees.  After obtaining necessary approvals from school and public service officials, we made the arrangements, invited company staff members, and executed a parade.  Approximately 250 employees and families in more than 100 cars, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles and even bicycles passed by the Menary house on 11th Avenue to greet Jeff and his wife, Renee. While Renee was in on the surprise parade, Jeff had no idea what was to coincide with his daily outdoor exercise on April 30. 

“We are extremely pleased with the response by our employees, some who drove to Grinnell from an hour or more away, to wish Jeff hello.  It is a true testament to the appreciation we have for Jeff and senior leadership at a time not all companies are able to keep staff members employed or continue ‘business as usual’ operations,” according to Grinnell Mutual Event Planner Lori Smith.

Jeff Menary, was asked for his response,

“I was totally surprised and honored to have our employees parade past our home. Grinnell Mutual has the greatest group of employees in the world. They truly care and support one another every day. I know that they enjoyed doing something unique like this and having the opportunity to see each other as they staged the parade at the high school parking lot. I was touched as they paraded past our home and loved seeing all of the smiling faces. I miss our staff and I cannot wait until life returns to normal allowing all of us to see each other every day,” noted Jeff Menary, President and CEO, Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co.

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