Drake Community Library announces Strategic Plan for 2024 to 2029


Drake Community Library proudly announces the successful completion of its comprehensive Strategic Plan for 2024-2029, marking a pivotal milestone in steering the library’s trajectory towards a more vibrant, inclusive, and community-centric future.

Initiated in early March and concluded in December of this year, the strategic planning process, conducted every five years, stands as a testament to the library’s commitment to evolve and align its services with the ever-evolving needs of its diverse community members.

Through extensive engagement with a wide array of stakeholders including the Board of Directors, Friends of Drake Community Library, dedicated staff, and valued community members and partners, the planning process facilitated a collaborative exploration of strategies aimed at elevating the library’s impact and relevance within the community.

Director Karen Neal expressed gratitude, stating, “We greatly appreciate the many people who contributed their time and thoughts to assist in the process. This collective effort underscores our commitment to serving our community better.”

The strategic focus areas selected—Inclusive Services and Access, Resource Access and Digital Empowerment, Community Connection and Partnerships, Operational Excellence and Innovation, and Youth-Focused Programs and Engagement—reflect the library’s dedication to fostering a more accessible, connected, and innovative space for all. Staff are currently working on objectives to accomplish the established goals.

Deloris Cowan, a retired library patron, lauded the exceptional level of cooperation and input from all participants. She specifically highlighted the remarkable facilitation skills of Melissa Strovers from Grinnell College, underscoring her instrumental role in guiding the process to its successful conclusion.

The newly unveiled Strategic Plan not only underscores the library’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its community but also positions it as a prudent steward of resources and budget, ensuring an efficient and impactful allocation for sustained growth and development.

As the Drake Community Library embarks on this transformative journey guided by its strategic blueprint, it reaffirms its dedication to serving as a vibrant hub of knowledge, innovation, and community connection.

Printed copies of the plan are available at the library and an electronic copy is available on the library website at drakelibrary.org.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the library at (641)236-2661.