Three Times in One Year: Neil Hewitt at Mayflower


The Mayflower Community is lucky.  We seem to be on Neil Hewitt’s concert tour.  Besides a gig last December and one last January, both in the Carman Center, Neil honored Mayflower residents by playing today (June 16th).  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Neil accommodated folks by setting up on the sidewalk in front of the Health Center on Park Street.

His performance was broadcast on Mayflower’s Facebook Live.  Besides this posting, a video will follow.  With the use of his sound system, Neil was able to reach residents throughout the Health Center and across the street in the Buckley apartment building.

A music-recording artist, Neil Hewitt is a Nevada IA native who now lives in Ames.  His CD recordings are produced in Nashville.  Neil is a 2011 graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts.  Having recorded a number of songs, he sings country western music and some gospel. 

Neil’s producer, Erik Halbig, has said, “Neil’s voice is what grabbed me first.  I was introduced to Neil by an artist that I produce named Ty Herndon.  Ty heard Neil singing, called me immediately and said, ‘You need to hear this guy!’ and suggested I produce him.  Once I heard Neil sing, it all made sense to me.  Neil and I discussed songs and career direction.  He sent me songs he wrote.  We both came to the conclusion that his songs fit his voice better than anything I could find for him here in Nashville.”

Neil’s Facebook address is


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