The March 27  Bucket Course is entitled “The ART of Baby Making.”  Professor Josh Sandquist


The March 27  Bucket Course is entitled “The ART of Baby Making.”  Professor Josh Sandquist, Chair of the Grinnell College Biology Department and of the General Science Department, notes that humans are unique in that we can consider, plan, and use technology to support our reproductive efforts.  He emphasizes that thoughtful and open dialogue is essential for us to develop a shared understanding of what it means to make babies.

The Bucket Course will be held at the Caulkins Community Room in Drake Community Library from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.  The course is open to all and is free of charge.  Donations are welcome to cover the cost of refreshments.

Professor Sandquist notes that Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) – including such techniques as in vitro fertilization, nuclear transplantation (e.g. cloning), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis – have generated hope for some and anxiety for others.  Professor Sandquist will share some scientific information about human reproduction and embryonic development. He’ll review the history of in vitro fertilization, as that technology opened the door to additional technological developments. He will consider such related and controversial questions as:  How might people define when life begins?  Is it OK to clone humans?  Should we be able to select the traits of children?

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