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Mayflower Hosts Grinnell College Basketball Teams

If you are a Grinnell College basketball player living in the empty dorms during winter recess, where do you go for great food?  THE MAYFLOWER COMMUNITY!  On Wednesday, January 3rd, the men’s and women’s basketball teams joined Mayflower hosts in the Buckley Dining Room to “pasta-pack” for their games at Ripon (Wisconsin) the following Saturday.  The fare included spaghetti, ravioli, garlic bread, tossed salad, and ice cream sundaes, with gluten- and dairy-free versions.  The teams were accompanied by David Arsenault, Jr., Head Men’s Coach, and Dana Harrold, Head Women’s Coach.  Seated at round tables of six, the players had the opportunity to educate Mayflower hosts about how the world really works!  Pictured is the group, including some of the hosts.

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