Grinnell State Bank announces Officer Promotions


Grinnell, Iowa – Grinnell State Bank is pleased to announce two officers of the bank who have been promoted: Cigi Muckler – Senior Vice President and Operations Director and Caitlyn Fisher – Vice President of Operations.

Cigi Muckler – Sr VP and Operations Director, formerly VP and Operations Officer, has been with Grinnell State Bank for over 13 years, working primarily as part of the operations team. Cigi joined Grinnell State Bank with many years of banking experience that have helped her thrive in her Operations role, because she understands all facets of the industry. She hasbeen taking the lead in the Operations department for the last few years and earned the title of Operations Director through her dedication to providing the best customer service and products, her drive to learn more about the industry, and her ability to implement what she learns.

Caitlyn Fisher – VP of Operations, formerly AVP of Operations, has been with Grinnell State Bank for over 8 years. She started as a teller and quickly moved into being an Online Banking Specialist. From there, she showed that she was a great asset to the team and was moved into the Operations Department as the Operations Assistant. Caitlyn is very knowledgeable, willing to learn whatever is asked of her and shows us every day that she is dedicated to offering the best products and services to our customers.

Grinnell State Bank has been locally owned and operated since 1925. The bank’s growth has been in Commercial and Personal loans and deposits, as well as locations, which have grown to serve the Grinnell, Johnston, Marengo, and Polk City areas.

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