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Grinnell Farmers Market to open June 4th with modified procedures

GRINNELL – The Grinnell Farmers Market will open for the 2020 season starting Thursday, June 4th from 3PM – 6PM and Saturday, June 6 from 10AM – Noon and will run through October 24th, 2020. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market will be implementing many changes to ensure customer and vendor safety, and will also be adding an online ordering option for the 2020 season! Grinnell Farmers Market is organized by the Grinnell Area sponsored by Grinnell College and UnityPoint Health – Grinnell Regional Medical Center.

Market Set Up

Market will continue to be held along the sidewalks of Broad Street and 4th Avenue. Per requirements from the State of Iowa, vendors need to maintain at least 6 feet of distance between each other. To help accommodate this change, the vendor set-up will be altered. Please see Attachment A for the following description.

Vendors will still back vehicles into their spaces as they have done in the past, and is signified by the ​RED​ squares. To maintain customer distance, vendors will now be setting up in the parking spaces to the south of their vehicles, instead of on sidewalks; this is signified by the ​GREEN​ squares. Tables will be set up in the parking spaces along the curb which will help maintain appropriate social distancing between vendors and customers. Tents are to be set up in the parking spaces and not covering the sidewalks. Customers should note that due to these logistical changes, it is possible that vendors may be in different locations than previous years.

To encourage social distancing and spacial recognition, customers will be asked to proceed through market in a one way fashion; please see Attachment B for a map. Purchasing traffic will be on the half of sidewalk closest to the vendors heading South & East (​GREEN​) with the North and West (​BLUE​) showing the return foot traffic. It should be assumed that the corner of 4th & Broad is the ‘starting point’ for foot traffic at market, based on these maps. The market will have the sidewalks denoted to align with this map, and will aid customers in their market visits.

Per Governor Reynolds’ extended Public Health Emergency Declaration, there will be no events at market, including but not limited to: tastings of any kind, chef demonstrations, live music performances, face painting, kids activities, etc at this time. This is subject to change as the season progresses and restrictions loosen.

Sanitizing Stations: ​At least 3 hand sanitizing stations will be available for customer and vendor use at market. These stations will be located on the south end of Broad Street, the intersection of Broad and 4th Ave, and on the East end of 4th Ave. All will have signage encouraging people to sanitize their hands when they enter and exit market. Vendors are strongly encouraged to sanitize their hands frequently.

Online Market

In an effort to provide as little contact as possible for those interested, an online option to pre-order market products will also be available for the 2020 season. Using the website, ​​, each vendor may choose to make their own profile and list their products. Customers will be able to pre-order products online and pay with a debit or credit card. Customers wishing to use SNAP, DUFB or Grinnell Grocery Vouchers will check the “pay at store” options.

  • ●  For Thursday Products:​ Orders for Thursday will open at 12PM Monday and Close at 12PM Tuesday.
  • ●  For Saturday Products:​ Orders for Saturday market will open at 1PM Tuesday and close at 1PMWednesday.
  • ●  Vendors will pre-package orders and will leave them at the token table (located in front of the VeteransMemorial Building) before the start of market. Customers will pick pre-orders up there (subject to change).

○ If a customer wishes to pay with SNAP benefit card or DUFB, this will be done at the token table.


For customer and vendor safety, we have outlined guidance for all vendors for market this year. This guidance includes wearing face masks, sanitation practices, no samples or tests, vendor bagging products and more. You may also see vendors with extra staff to specifically handle payments and/or exact change boxes to deposit payments with no contact

Customer Expectations

We have implemented the following customer expectations to help maintain safety of all market participants. We ask that customers abide by these expectations to the best of their ability.

  • ●  STAY HOME: ​if you have had a fever in the last 3 days, been ill, or are showing signs of respiratory illness (coughing and weezing).
  • ●  Face Masks: ​Customers will be encouraged to wear facemasks while attending market.
  • ●  Use Hand Sanitizer/Wash: ​Customers will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands uponentering the market area.
  • ●  One shopper per household: ​Customers will be encouraged to leave family members at home and comesolo to market if they are able.
  • ●  Maintain 6 Feet of Social Distance: ​Customers will be asked to maintain 6 feet of social distance whenpossible.
  • ●  Following Signage​: As mentioned above, customers will be asked to follow the signage placed on theground and on signs and proceed through the market in a one way fashion.
  • ●  No Loitering:​ Customers will be encouraged to make purchases at market and proceed back to their homesand cars afterwards. We understand that many of you will wish to catch up with long time vendors andfriends but we ask that long conversations be kept to a minimum.
  • ●  No Reusable Bags​: We are encouraging customers to not bring their reusable bags to market at this time.While we always appreciate the environmentally friendly options, it’s important to decrease exposure inwhatever ways possible.
  • ●  Leave pets at home​: Customers will be encouraged to leave their four legged friends at home to helpdecrease congestion on sidewalks.
  • ●  Point to Pick: ​Customers will be asked not to touch products but instead to point to what they would likeand vendors will bag products for them.Allowable ProductsPer Governor Reynolds’ extended Public Health Emergency Declaration, the following products are allowed to be sold at Iowa Farmers Markets through June 17. As changes are made to this guidance, the market will work to onboard additional vendors selling products in other categories.
    Farm & Food Products:
  • ●  Dairy & dairy products
  • ●  Poultry & poultry products
  • ●  Other livestock products
  • ●  Baked goods
  • ●  Fruits
  • ●  Vegetables
  • ●  Flowers (cut and plants)
  • ●  Plant starts
  • ●  Seeds
  • ●  Grasses
  • ●  Trees
  • ●  Fish
  • ●  Honey & honey products
  • ●  And any other plant, animal or plant/animal products which supplies people with food, feed, fiber or fur.Other Allowable Products​:
  • ●  Lotions, soaps, sanitizers made with goat or soy milk, or honey bee wax products, Iowa wines and beers,and vendor produced pet food products (must have USDA approval), coffee beans or ground coffee.
  • ●  Homemade masks will be allowed to be sold at market.
  • ●  As long as a vendor is selling permissible goods, online ordering may be encouraged for other items thevendor sells. If products are pre-paid and/or purchased online at, customers can pick them up at market.Participating VendorsThe following vendors will be participating at the start of market. More vendors are being added daily. For an up-to-date listing of participating vendors, please visit ​
    Thursday Vendors:
  • ●  B & J Vegetable – fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts
  • ●  Beez Kettle Corn – flavored popcorn
  • ●  Compass Plant CSA – bread, pasture raised pork, chicken, vegetables
  • ●  Cupcakin’ Around – cookies, cupcakes, brownies, baked goods
  • ●  Dolezal Honey Bees – honey, lip balm, lotion, other natural products from the hive.
  • ●  Esther’s Place – baked goods, rolls, breads, kolaches, pies, cookies, muffins, etc.
  • ●  Ineichen Tomatoes – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, baked goods
  • ●  Kate’s Kitchen Creations – scones, muffins, cookies, breads, eggs
  • ●  Olson Garden Market – vegetables, spices, plants
  • ●  Scenery Changes – self-published books, jewelry, crafts (​on hold until after June 17th​)
  • ●  Soaring Creations – Eggs, body care products (soaps, balms, lotions, etc.)Saturday Vendors
  • ●  B & J Vegetable – fruits, vegetables, eggs, nuts
  • ●  Compass Plant CSA – bread, pasture raised pork, chicken, vegetables
  • ●  Ginger Werner – produce, vegetables, eggs, bread, pies
  • ●  Olson Garden Market – vegetables, spices, plants
  • ●  Paul’s Country Treats – jams, jelly, popcorn, plants
  • ●  Scenery Changes – self-published books, jewelry, crafts (​on hold until after June 17th​)Part Time Vendors

● AM Creative Creations – art prints, clay earrings, photos, crafts (​on hold until after June 17th​)

Market managers and staff greatly appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we all navigate an ever-changing situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to ensure our community has access to fresh, local foods and products, while maintaining a safe environment for our community and vendors. If at any time community members have questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact Chamber staff and/or market managers.

Applications for full-time vendor stalls are still being accepted. Part-time vendor applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but there are a limited number of stalls so requests for specific dates should be made as far in advance as possible. Those interested in applying to be a vendor at the Grinnell Farmers Market can find more information at ​or can contact the Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce, ​or 641-236-6555.


About the Grinnell Farmers Market

The Grinnell Farmers Market is a 100% producer grown or made market, meaning that all items for sale must be entirely grown or made by the vendor or immediate family members. All items must be made or grown in Iowa. For non-food items, inputs may be purchased but the final product must be the vendor’s own creation; for example, a vendor may sell a knitted sweater if they purchase the yarn and then knit the sweater themselves. Vendors are responsible for filing state sales tax permits where applicable.

About the Grinnell Chamber

The Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent, 501©6 non-profit organization focused on the Grinnell community. The mission of the Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce is to advance the economic development, vitality, and growth of the community. For more information on how to join the Chamber or get involved, please visit or call 641-236-6555.

Attachment A

This image shows Broad Street from the intersection of 4th down to Commercial Street.

Attachment B

This image shows the corner of 4th and Broad Street and depicts foot traffic walk way

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