The October 23 meeting of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell resulted in the decision to fund the Grinnell Community Daycare and Preschool with the proceeds from this quarter’s selection process.  By pooling their contributions of $ 100 per member, the result will exceed $ 11,000 going to support program expansion at the Daycare and Preschool.

Members of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell met at the Bartelt Conference and Education Center at Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company, and heard presentations by three charitable causes. The members learned of the significant, ongoing need for more child care and preschool services in the area, and of the Community Daycare and Preschool’s plan to expand programming to help meet that need.  By the subsequent vote of the members, this project was selected to receive October’s contribution.

Another highlight of the evening was celebrating surpassing the goal of 100 members.  Going into the meeting, membership stood at 105.  Six additional members were welcomed into the group at the October 23 meeting, bringing total membership to 111, involving approximately 150 individuals. 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell was started in January, 2017, based on a very simple concept that has worked well in more than 500 communities across North America:  many people, offering modest donations four times per year, can accomplish great good in their communities.  Projects to be funded are determined by the membership, through the nominating and voting process, with the focus always on local or area needs.  Through this simple process a significant contribution is made, leveraging the charitable impact for all in the organization. 

Membership remains open to all.  The next meeting of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell will be on Tuesday, January 22, at 5:30 p.m.  It will be held in the new St. Mary’s Parish Center.  For further information about 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell, please call any of the founding board members:  Christine Day, 641-485-6180; Dennis Day, 641-485-6118; Donna Ricks, 319-269-9626; or Al Ricks 319-269-3475.  Christine is the point of contact for receiving donations for this quarter’s project or for making a nomination at the January meeting. Christine’s e-mail address is   Donna Ricks is the point of contact for membership forms.  Her e-mail address is


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