Chamber Ambassadors Welcome “Community Greetings Grinnell”


Community Greetings Grinnell

Ambassadors welcomed new member and new business Grinnell Community Greetings to the chamber this week! Jennifer Stallman, also owner of Medicap Pharmacy, was looking for a way to get out of the house and meet new people. She’s also passionate about small business, so when she heard about the opportunity to become Grinnell’s greeter for Community Greetings, she jumped right in.

Community Greetings meets with new residents who have moved to the area in the last 6-9 months to talk about different things Grinnell has to offer. From restaurants to doctors, retail shops to services, Jennifer shares information about more than 30 businesses and answers questions to help new Grinnellians get acquainted with the area. Businesses are able to be a sponsor with a monthly fee and by donating items for Jennifer to share with residents.


Jennifer is always looking for new residents; if you or someone you know are new to the community or if your business is interested in being a sponsor, call Jennifer at 641-990-7731 or email grinnellcommunitygreetings@gmail.comto schedule a visit!


Ambassadors are booked through the end of the year! Click HERE to see a schedule of our upcoming visits.