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Twins Delivered at GRMC

graham family with twins and medical staff that delivered them

Weather conditions changed plans for the Graham family and GRMC’s obstetrical team delivered a set of twins. Lauren Graham, MD, and Andrew Graham, PhD, stayed in Grinnell and had their twins delivered by the GRMC medical team of Monica Brito, MD; Alex Anderson, CRNA; Laura Ferguson, MD; Ryan Dahlby Albright, MD; and the obstetrical staff of Kintzinger Women’s Health Center.

Though GRMC does not typically deliver twins due to higher risks for the babies and often a need for neonatal intensive care, the weather changed plans. Brito has delivered many sets of twins in her previous positions. Family care physicians Dahlby Albright and Ferguson, who both have delivered many babies at GRMC, provided care for the twins as they arrived. This team successfully welcomed Noah James and Benjamin Daniel Graham.

“It was truly amazing and I am so thankful for the care I received,” says Lauren Graham, MD, Grinnell Regional Internal Medicine physician. “Andrew and I had an excellent experience.”

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