Radon Kits Available from Public Health Office


Iowa leads the nation in the percent of homes with excessive radon levels. With the high risk for all homes in the state, the Iowa Department of Public Health is working with county public health offices to offer an inexpensive short-term radon test kit. Grinnell Regional Public Health has the $5 Radon Test kits in the office.

Radon can be found anywhere. The colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas is produced from the decay of naturally occurring uranium in the soil. Risk occurs when the gas enters buildings and the decay products are inhaled. The radon gas in the air can damage the lungs and cause lung cancer.

Once radon is identified in a building, a process can be installed in the building to ventilate the radon out and reduce the risks of damage. For information on radon mitigation, the process to reduce indoor radon levels, contact the Iowa Radon Hotline at 1-800-383-5992. The kit may also be purchased online at www.IDPH.State.IA.US/Radon. Or, stop by the Grinnell Regional Public Health office at 306 4th Ave., Grinnell, Iowa. 

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