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PRESS RELEASE: John Clayton Announces Formation of a Campaign Committee: “Clayton for Third Ward”



John Clayton on Monday announced formation of a campaign committee named “Clayton for Third Ward”. He asks for the chance to represent his neighbors in the Third Ward in the 2017 election.

“I’m running for Ward 3 because I believe in advancing the interests of the people of the Third Ward. John said in a statement. “I’m not running against anyone–I’m running for Ward 3 and the common core people of my neighborhood.”

“My heart is invested in common core regular people.” John said. “I will bring that passion and dedication with me to the City Council.”

“This campaign is about neighbors in the Third Ward. The residents of Ward Three have legitimate concerns about infrastructure, property tax, and city fees, just like me. I invite residents to bring their concerns and questions early in this campaign. I look forward to discussing important issues facing our Third Ward area with my neighbors,” John said.

He said someone needs to put working-class residents first, not contractors or developers. He wants to halt the increase of city fees, which hit working families hardest, and are a burden to retired seniors on fixed incomes. Paying off City debt is another priority and raising pay for the lower salaried city employees. The practice of paying less than twelve dollars an hour is unfair. City employees, whether full-time or parttime, deserve a beginning wage of twelve dollars an hour. John will concentrate on fiscal conservatism. He said the city should be cutting spending instead of increasing spending and has opposed some projects, such as the Iowa Transportation Museum, a hotel at the existing Community Center, and a major transformation of Central Park; projects using a mix of public and private money.

John moved to Grinnell in 2010. He is a B.G.M. High School graduate who retired in 2010, after working 25 years as a teacher. Over his work career he was a member of American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, American Federation of Teachers, and National Educators Association. He served in the U.S. Peace Corps and is a member of the Catholic Church. He currently does seasonal part-time work. His hobby is native life conservation. He is a member of Poweshiek C.A.R.E.S. and supports a moratorium on any new large scale confined animal feeding operations being built anywhere in Poweshiek County, let alone near the City of Grinnell. John praises improvements to public water and sewage systems, but said other spending projects outside of basic services seemed to penalize middle and lower income neighborhoods and reward those in the gleaming downtown and prosperous north college side.

“Nothing has happened in a majority of neighborhood communities right now,” he said. “But who’s at the table? The common core people of the Third Ward are not at the table.”

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