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Poweshiek County Alliance Awards $100,274.46 to Local Organizations

Poweshiek County Alliance awards $100,274.46 to local organizations

April 16, 2015: The Poweshiek County Alliance (PCA) honored its 2015 grant recipients at a ceremony at the Foundation Offices on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Representatives from the 34 winning organizations received their checks and spoke about their projects. This year grants ranged from $500 to $10,000 for a total of $100,274.46. Fifty grant applications were received this year totaling $322,248 in requested PCA grant funding.

2015 marks the tenth year that the PCA has awarded grants. Since the program began in 2006, $880,358 has been distributed to non-profits and charitable organizations in Poweshiek County. Winning projects largely focus on increasing cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities, as well as enhancing the safety, beauty, and economic vitality of the county.

The PCA receives funds annually through the County Endowment Fund Program, which was established by the State Legislature in 2004 to encourage charitable giving in Iowa. The legislation provides that a portion of the state’s gambling revenue be distributed to Iowa counties that do not have gambling entities. The money allocated to each county is awarded to a qualified community foundation or an affiliate of such that can demonstrate it represents the entire county. Of the amounts awarded, 75% is used to make charitable grants, and the remaining 25% funds a permanent charitable endowment for the county.

Since 2012, the PCA has been an partner of the Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation and therefore qualified to distribute Poweshiek County’s share of the gambling revenue. The funds were previously managed by the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa in Waterloo. Representatives from each community as well as the unincorporated area serve as the PCA board. These members include Kay Cmelik (Grinnell); Virginia Davis (Malcom); Tim Douglas (Brooklyn); Cathy Lents (unincorporated area); Derik Parker (Hartwick); Scott Steffen (Guernsey); Coleen Van Dyke (Searsboro); Keith Cheney (Montezuma); and Ellen Zimmerman (Deep River).

The Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists donors in efficiently and effectively supporting charitable organizations that make life better for people in the area. Through the Foundation, donors are able to make long-lasting positive contributions without being burdened by administrative or legal complexities. For more information on the Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation please visit the website at www.greaterpcf.org or call 641-236-5518


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