Grinnell News is Ours – ALL of Ours

historic_downtownWhat do you think about when you think about our home, our Grinnell?

Our Grinnell is where hardworking ag producers bring forth the bounty of the earth while hipsters, hippies and intellectuals scheme to save it.

Our Grinnell is surrounded by Century Farms and descendants of pioneers, yet we’re brimming with coastal transplants and former megacity denizens.

Some of us hope our Grinnell never changes, while others of us push the boundaries of what is possible — and push the buttons of those who advocate caution in change.

In our Grinnell, we’re deeply conservative – or is that fiercely liberal? We’re proudly blue collar or we’re thought leaders, book keepers and pencil pushers.

The truth is, we’re all these contradictions, but we’re so much more: We’re united by our love of this town, and of each other.  We’re proud of our children, our families, our schools, and our city. We’re the sum of our own awesomeness. Our Grinnell is us – all of us. And we think knowing about our town should involve all of us.

That’s why exists, and why we’ve revamped our site to be a digital gathering place full of cool features and real content that showcases the character – and characters – of our Grinnell. We’ll be the city’s biggest cheerleader, yet we’ll also shine a fair light on issues of concern.

We invite local contributors to share their passion (link to contribute page), whether it’s local sports, politics or culture. We’re powered by people like YOU; we don’t have a staff journalists, so we need people who CARE. Whether you photograph, film, write or simply want to visit our site daily, YOU will make this happen for our Grinnell.

If you live here, used to live here, work here or were educated here, you know that we’re connected in a way that people who have never BEEN here can’t understand.

Welcome, and join us, friends. is YOURS.

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