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Mayor Gives Update to Grinnell Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Grinnell gathered on Tuesday, Feb. 18, for regular business at the Bistro in the Buckley Hall, Mayflower Community. The program featured Grinnell City Mayor Gordon Canfield, who offered a fast-paced update on the many city projects coming in 2014.

Canfield shared a brief outline of city business including a $19 million budget, employee count remains at 65, and taxes will remain at last year’s level. The city has had five water main breaks already this winter.

He discussed phase 4 of downtown street construction. The coordination will be very critical He gave two examples of when the streets need to be intact, Grinnell College and Alumni weekend, and the week after Labor Day when the Iowa Firemen’s Association will have its annual meeting in Grinnell. This event will bring about 4,000 firefighters to Grinnell.

Canfield also discussed the Iowa Reinvestment Act and hopes of securing funds to assist with construction by the Interstate 80 interchange. He also discussed the voluntary annexation of Grinnell Mutual property and bringing services to the area for their proposed convention facility.

Another challenge for residents will be the construction of the bike trail underneath Hwy. 146. Plans will require a detour of highway traffic for six to seven weeks. This may coincide with resurfacing of 8th Avenue. So the mayor warned Kiwanis members to anticipate detours and road construction for about a year but the result should improve roads and access within the city.

He finished with an update on the city entrance plans, façade upgrades for 16 area businesses, and proposed changes to the Veterans Memorial building and park.

The next scheduled speaker will be Gerry Schnepf, Keeping Iowa Beautiful, and Ellwyn Taylor, Iowa State University meteorologist. Individuals interested in attending a Kiwanis meeting are invited to a regular meeting held on Tuesdays at 12 noon, at the Bistro, located in Buckley Hall, Mayflower Community. For more information, please call the Kiwanis president, Dick Gustafson, at 236-5603.

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