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Iowa Intensity Youth Sports

Written by Chris Hansen

Iowa Intensity Youth Sports is a non-profit entity created to provide youth an environment to enhance their athletic and life skills to help them reach their full potential as athletes and citizens.  Iowa Intensity is operating as an agency under the non-profit organization Greater Poweshiek Community Foundation.

Iowa Intensity Youth Sports helps players learn self- discipline, build character and build a strong work ethic.  People fall short of their potential because they lack the necessary discipline to improve themselves to the best of their abilities.  Character is about having integrity, politeness, humbleness, and honesty.  Iowa Intensity not only strives to improve the athletic skills of youth, but also facilitate strong character.  In order for a person to reach their full potential as a citizen in our communities, our youth must possess a strong work ethic.  Through teamwork these young athletes will learn the importance of commitment to and from one another as they learn the interdependency of working as a team.

There have been a number of basketball program entities start-up over the last 5 to 10 years in the more highly populated areas in Iowa, both for profit and non-profit.  Those other programs range from a for profit cost per player for the year of nearly $4,000 to teams that are put together as a feeder program to their school teams and have a cost of around $600 for the regular basketball season (such as JBC-Johnston).  A group of committed individuals have worked together to form Iowa Intensity Youth Sports to provide a similar experience to youth athletes in the Grinnell area.

The original advisory Board developed bylaws, goals and vision for the short and long-term, a coaching philosophy, and a financial assistance policy.  The following are the goals derived by the Board:

SHORT-TERM GOALS (1 to 3 years):

  1. 1. Enhance youth’s basketball skills;
  2. 2. Enhance youth’s life skills for citizenry;
  3. 3. Build a strong work ethic in youth;
  4. 4. Build a fund to $10,000 in first 3 years;
  5. 5. Award financial assistance to those that want to participate and have the need; and
  6. 6. Encourage and expect excellence in the classroom from all players.

LONG-TERM GOALS (3 to10 years): 

  1. 1. Build a multi-court facility for practices, skills work and hosting tournaments; and
  2. 2. Build funds and organize fundraising events to be able to offer free or near free participation for those that make a team.

The organization started with three teams in the Fall of 2013:  6th grade boys and girls and 8th grade boys.  Most, but not all, players are from the Grinnell school district.  Additional teams will be formed based upon interest as needed in March and August of each year based upon a tryout.  The next tryout is March 9 for players wanting to play in the Spring and Summer of 2014.  For more information about Iowa Intensity Youth Sports or the upcoming tryout please visit www.

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