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Imagine Grinnell Seeking Volunteers for Summer St. Park Final Build


Imagine Grinnell is currently building a natural playscape in Summer Street Park, located at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Summer Street, and we are asking the community to help us finish the final features. Friday, April 24th from 1-5 PM and Saturday, April 25th 8 AM-12 PM & 1-5 PM will be our third and final build weekend.  We are asking volunteers from many different levels of abilities to come out and complete the final features of this new park.  Volunteers will be working on one of nine projects to build the following:

·         Spread sand in play pits

·         Install stone steps up to bridge

·         Construct play house and play house roof

·         Install dry creek bed and underground pipe for water play

·         Treat wood elements with Borax

·         Install water trough

·         Install plant materials and butterfly garden monarch waystation

·         Install entry arbors

·         Install living tunnels

Imagine Grinnell also received funds from the Poweshiek County Alliance Grant and those funds will be used to install an embankment slide and climbing wall. “We are thankful for receiving funds from Poweshiek County Alliance. With this money the park features that Imagine Grinnell wanted to install are funded and will be completed following this build. I am very happy with the look and feel of this park. I have watched my children and other children play in this park and they use a lot more imagination. I believe this is a needed park in Grinnell. Summer St Park will be enjoyed by many children for years to come.”

The building crews will be comprised of volunteers with varying levels of abilities/experiences and will fall into one of three levels:

1.      Level I: people who have little or no experience in landscaping and/or construction. They may or may not be familiar with tools and tasks associated with outdoor improvement project work, but are willing to get involved.

2.      Level II: people who have some experience in gardening and/or landscape work. They are familiar with different hand tools and some light power tools for doing outdoor improvement project work. They may also have the ability to read construction drawings for assembly.

3.      Level III: people who have a good deal of experience in outdoor construction, carpentry and/or landscape improvement projects. They work frequently with hand tools and power tools and understand construction drawings. The Level III people will be the crew leaders for the various projects. We may also utilize a couple of Level II people to be crew leaders on some of the simpler tasks.

Most of the volunteers we need fall into the Level I category. Please contact Sarah Smith at or call 641-236-5518 ext 223 to volunteer for one of the nine stations, date and time. Businesses, schools, colleges, sports teams, retirement communities and individuals are all encouraged to sign up.

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