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Hats Off to You


Hats off to the Grinnell-Newburg School Board and Superintendent Todd Abrahamson! Through a courageous and complex process, acres of blight is only a few months away from being a new green space. Grinnell is a place where groups or individuals find ways to make incredible progress in our city. That’s what I like about Grinnell. People shoulder through and just make things happen. What you see in the photo is heavy machinery removing a vacant, distressed building from a major gateway in Grinnell. Thousands of cars carrying in-commuters, visitors, and residents will no longer see an ugly 100,000 square feet building marking Grinnell’s western entrance.
This is very exciting and a huge step forward. Wow, I can hardly believe it’s happening. This summer, construction will begin on a leg of the bike trail that runs along that property’s eastern edge and will link to the trail at Arbor Lake, connecting our southern section of bike trail with the trail that goes past the high school and out to Rock Creek State Park. There is a forest and a creek and tons of wonderful mature trees along the property’s edge that will make for a beautiful trail. After demolition, green grass will take the blighted building’s place and allow for incredible opportunities for renewal. I am hoping for a new elementary school there someday for hundreds of reasons, but more on that later. For now, I tip my hat to you, G-N School District. You are heroes in what you have done and and I am grateful.
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