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Grinnell Mutual Breaks Ground For New Conference Center

Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company celebrated the groundbreaking of its new 33,130 square foot conference center today. The facility, designed to include a 250-seat auditorium, nine multi-purpose meeting rooms, a video conferencing room, dining services, and reception areas, will utilize the latest technology and provide onsite training and event space for the company’s employees and customers.

“I am excited to announce that construction has officially begun on Grinnell Mutual’s conference center,” said President and CEO Larry Jansen. “Providing education and training is an excellent strategy for positioning our affiliated farm mutual companies, agencies, and Grinnell Mutual employees as leaders in the industry. We are looking forward to the opportunity to host large-scale meetings in a state-of-the-art facility.”

The conference center will adjoin Grinnell Mutual’s existing headquarters on the south side of the building. The new facility is scheduled to open in May 2015 with the company’s Annual Meeting as one of its inaugural events in June. Grinnell Mutual also plans to make the facility available to the community for local events.

“The first phase of construction is to pave an additional parking lot,” said CFO, Treasurer, and Vice President of Finance Dave Wingert, who is leading Grinnell Mutual’s building committee.  “Once that is finished next month, the second phase is to remove the existing southern lot and begin excavation for the auditorium and building construction.”

Joining the company for its groundbreaking ceremony was Marshall Linn, president and CEO of Neumann Brothers Inc.; Chad Bunner, vice president of field operations for Neumann Brothers; Chris Missel, Neumann Brothers architect; Grinnell Mayor Gordon Canfield, City Manager Russ Behrens, the Grinnell City Council; and Laura Manatt from Poweshiek Iowa Development (POW I-80).

“We are currently in the process of working with the city to be voluntarily annexed. We appreciate the city officials joining us for this event,” said Wingert.

Above: Grinnell Mutual President and CEO Larry Jansen (left) is presented with the official shovel for the conference center groundbreaking from Neumann Brothers Vice President of Field Operations Chad Bunner (right).

Above: Grinnell Mutual, Neumann Brothers, and Grinnell dignitaries break ground for the new conference center on the south side of Grinnell Mutual’s headquarters. From left: Neumann Brothers Vice President of Field Operations Chad Bunner, Grinnell City Manager Russ Behrens, Grinnell Mutual President and CEO Larry Jansen, Grinnell Mayor Gordon Canfield, and Neumann Brothers President and CEO Marshall Linn.


Above: The Grinnell City Council participated in the groundbreaking ceremony. From left: City Manager Russ Behrens; Council Members Byron Hueftle-Worley, Julie Hansen, and Rachel Bly; Grinnell Mutual President and CEO Larry Jansen; Mayor Gordon Canfield; and Council Members Jim White and Jo Wray. Not pictured: Council Member Sondra Burnell.


Above: The city of Grinnell, POW I-80, and Neumann Brothers are partnering with Grinnell Mutual to make this building project possible. From left: Grinnell Mutual CFO, Treasurer and Vice President of Finance Dave Wingert; City Manager Russ Behrens; Laura Manatt of POW I-80; Grinnell Mutual President and CEO Larry Jansen; Grinnell Mayor Gordon Canfield; and Neumann Brothers President and CEO Marshall Linn.

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Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company<>, in business since 1909, provides reinsurance for farm mutual insurance companies and property and casualty insurance products through more than 1,600 independent agents in 12 Midwestern states. Grinnell Mutual is the 123rd largest property-casualty insurance company in the United States and the largest primary reinsurer of farm mutual companies in North America.

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