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GHS Graduate ’79 Mrs. Cedar Valley Glynis Worthington Crowned Mrs. Iowa!

Desperate for motivation during the darkest weeks of the Pandemic, Cedar Falls resident Glynis Worthington raised her hand to compete as Mrs. Cedar Valley in the Mrs. America Pageant, and she took home the title of Mrs. Iowa! She will go on to compete in the Mrs. America Pageant against all 50 states in Las Vegas in October. For the next year, she will have Mrs. Iowa duties to fulfill and is looking forward to the opportunities!

“I had been using the idea of competing in the Senior Olympics again to motivate me to go to the gym, but the events were cancelled due to COVID” recalled Glynis.  “Then the gyms were closed and I didn’t do anything for a while.  One morning my husband Wayne chuckled and said maybe I should try for Mrs. Iowa.  Later that morning I found out about the contest online and signed up shortly thereafter.”  Worthington requested the title “Mrs. Cedar Valley” for the event as she, her husband and four children Buster, Kate, Jack and Edie lived in both Waterloo and Cedar Falls for over 25 years. She was very excited and amazed that she brought home the title of Mrs. Iowa!

After having been postponed twice due to Governors’ orders limiting gatherings, the contests for Mrs. Iowa, Kansas and Missouri were combined and state titles determined Sunday, September 20, 2020 at the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts in Pittsburg, Kansas.  While the contestant pool is smaller this year, those vying for the titles will compete in interview, bathing suit and evening gown competitions similar to the Miss America format. Glynis Worthington is proud to represent Iowa and the Cedar Valley.

40 Year Span

The date of the pageant was significant, as it is  just days prior to the 40th anniversary of Worthington’s having participated in a pageant event.  On September 27, 1980, Worthington entered the annual Pancake Queen contest in Centerville, Iowa.  “I was a freshman at Iowa State.  Although I’d grown up in Grinnell, my parents were from the Centerville area and relocated there shortly after I graduated from high school.  I really didn’t know what the contest was about, but went home for the weekend to compete  and went in with a “Why not?” attitude.  To my great surprise, I won.  For the past 40 years its been my delight to have been the Pancake Queen.” She recalls.

Even though the Pandemic is occurring, Worthington decided not to wait another year to pursue the Iowa crown.  “While I hope to live a long life, I’m already age 59.  If I want to have a chance at having been Mrs. Iowa for forty years, I’d better get going” she laughs.  

In addition to preparing for Mrs. Iowa, Glynis has been pursuing a doctoral degree as a full time student at the University of Northern Iowa.  Her interest is in developing and understanding the impact of community-based competitive sports programs in the lives of adults over age 50.

Glynis hopes that her experience helps inspire others to compete in the Mrs. America events.  Go to Mrs. Cedar Valley on facebook to learn more about the contest and Worthington’s pursuit and winning of the title.

Glynis will also be posting frequently on Instagram (thriftymommag).   ALL of the outfits she competed in (interview, cocktail dress, bathing suit and gown) were from Goodwill, as her clothes are ever day.  It’s time (according to her kids) to start sharing with folks what thrift looks like every day of the year.  This will be easy, as her entire closet is thrift!

1980 Centerville, Iowa Pancake Queen

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