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From the Grinnell Chamber Newsletter 06-19-2014

Thank you to each and every one of you who played a part in Grinnell Games. Whether you ran a race, played dodgeball, volunteered at a water station, welcomed participants to your business, or helped sponsor the event, we are truly grateful. The weather cooperated and participation increased from last year. All in all, it was a great weekend here in Grinnell. 

We’ve been unpacking our event supplies this week and re-organizing them for a trip down to Montezuma this weekend to help with Monte Fest. The free country concert is on Saturday in downtown Montezuma. It’s a community festival and also a celebration of Brownells (the company) AND Frank Brownell both turning 75 years old this year. 

One thing that makes small towns special is that we all work together and support each other. Every city in our county deserves to have fun things to do. Last weekend was Grinnell’s turn, and this weekend is Montezuma’s turn. None of the cities in our county could probably ever support attractions like a zoo or an amusement park, but we can certainly pack our towns by hosting fun events and festivals that make people want to live, work and play here in our county. 

We’re expecting several thousand people to be on the Montezuma square on Saturday, and I hope you’ll be one of them. Call your neighbors and organize a carpool or maybe find a friend who has a big van or bus and let’s all pack Monte Fest on Saturday. The live music, food, beverages and kid activities will be happening from 4 to 10pm. 

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