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College Degree Studies in Prison

George Drake

Grinnell College’s Liberal Arts in Prison program was the topic of The Mayflower Community monthly “Forum” program on May 14th. These programs are organized by the Mayflower Residents Association with the intent of bringing in speakers on pertinent local topics.

The speakers for the Prison program were George Drake, founder; Emily Guenther, Director; and residents Katherine McClelland and Chris Hunter, who have taught classes (statistics and sociology, respectively) at the Newton Correctional Facility.  The program offers courses and tutoring.  Incarcerated students can enroll in a set of rigorous, diverse college courses through its “First Year of College Program.”

The presentations were followed by a discussion of the program and its impact on the community as well as students.

The Forum is one of the many senior learning opportunities available through Grinnell’s Mayflower Community.

Emily Guenther

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