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Change is in the Air

Next Friday would normally mark one of my favorite events of the year, Jingle Bell Holiday. In a year where nearly everything has been canceled or postponed, I was so hopeful we’d be able to bring you one of the first ‘live’ events of the year, but it seems our recent COVID numbers would have other ideas. In fact, we’ve literally made this decision in the past 12 hours. And while we had some very solid plans to provide the ‘event’ in a safe way, we just simply cannot go against the grain of our local public health officials at the moment. Stay tuned to our Facebook event as we plan to bring you some virtual updates throughout the coming week(s). 
As such, we are pivoting. Yet again in 2020. We’re all getting fairly good at it, right?! We have to though as it’s a matter of life and death, quite literally from the COVID-19 perspective, but also from our small business perspective. So while we are ‘canceling’ many of our traditional Jingle Bell Holiday activities, which were already slated to look very different this year, we are asking for your diligent support of our small businesses over the next 30 days to help prevent their ‘death’, so to speak. 
Our small businesses need our support in this wild year more than ever. If they don’t have a strong fourth quarter, I worry about how 2021 will go for many of them. While I understand the appeal of shopping Amazon and other big box stores online, I want to remind you that your friends and neighbors need our dollars and support more than Mr. Bezos. Many of our stores and restaurants are offering gift cards, have listings on, or are flexible and can take orders over the phone for curbside pick up. And as an added bonus and in an effort to pivot, we’ll be going ‘live’ from our Facebook page over the next couple weeks to help share all the great holiday gift ideas many of them have. If you’re concerned and not sure what your shopping options are for a business, please give them a call! If you are able to get out in person and shop, many of our retailers will still honor their extended ‘Jingle Bell Holiday’ hours from 10AM – 8PM next Friday, November 20 and 10AM – 4PM on Saturday.
I’m not happy about any of this. But I know it’s the right thing to do to help protect our communities as well as our small business owners. If they are exposed to COVID-19 they’ll have no choice but to close their business for a period of time. And this is in no way ideal, especially as they need to have their strongest quarter yet. So I ask you to join me in taking a pledge to #GRINNtogether over the next 30 days and do whatever is within your financial power to help support our small businesses. They need and deserve our support, and I’m confident we can collectively help them. #MaskUp, #ShopSmall and #SpendBig –Rachael Kinnick 

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