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A Golden Opportunity: Jake Hull ’24 Plays Out His Dream on the Baseball Field at Grinnell

Part of what makes Grinnell special is the close community that brings everyone together. For Jake Hull ’24, the support system in the Grinnell community is one of the things that has made his experience in high school and now at Grinnell College so memorable, especially on the baseball field. 

Hull is currently a second-year student at Grinnell College, majoring in biological chemistry with hopes of attending medical school post-Grinnell. Hull grew up in Grinnell, Iowa, and began playing and growing in the game of baseball at the young age of 3. From the start, he was passionate about the game and knew that he wanted to play at the collegiate level. His early experiences with baseball are something Hull cherishes and has held onto over the years. 

“One of the things I always look back on is how Coach [Tim] Hollibaugh used to coach me in Little League when I was 10 or so. I’m super grateful to be able to have the opportunity to play under him at Grinnell College,” he says. 

It’s almost as if Hull were destined to play baseball at Grinnell College, where people care about building community to achieve a goal. After all, members of the Grinnell community have built a comfortable and warm environment where he could grow and mature as a student and athlete. He says, “The support system from so many people in the community who watched during my high school career at Grinnell High School to now is so great to see. The best part about going to Grinnell College in my hometown is being able to see people I know often and having them come to our games. [I] always appreciate the support from the community.” 

Hull’s transition from high school to college is important, and playing in his hometown is something he considers a golden opportunity. He takes pride in his hometown and in telling his teammates and others that he grew up in Grinnell. Hull says, “Having used the college facilities and buildings growing up, I have gotten very comfortable in the environment that I am in now. Watching the baseball team growing up, I had a sense of their play style and what it is like to play at Pioneer Park.” 

The Pioneers are currently 10-18; May 8 marks the final home conference game of the season. Hull has high expectations for his team but acknowledges the challenges. The team has lost some leaders from last year’s team, and he knows they have big shoes to fill. However, Hull is ready to step up and fill those shoes.  

“Knox will be our last series before the post-season, so I expect us to be playing our best baseball. Every conference win for us matters, and we will be prepared and ready to get after it, especially with a home crowd cheering us on,” he says. 

To see Hull and the Grinnell Pioneers baseball team take the field, come to Pioneer Park on May 8 at noon for a crucial competition against the Knox Prairie Fire! 

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