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Sunrise Bakery Coming to Grinnell

GRINNELL, IOWA – Grinnell resident Melissa Vine (formerly Ulrickson) is planning to open Sunrise Bakery at 934 Street, Grinnell in November 2017.  Sunrise Bakery will offer breads, bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, quiche, desserts, and cakes for dine in, carry out, wholesale, or custom order.

“I don’t think I would have to convince anyone that Grinnell needs a bakery, but my vision didn’t stop there.  I believe that everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the delight of a bakery, so that is why Sunrise Bakery will produce menu items to satisfy all kinds of dietary needs and preferences,” says Vine, adding that some menu items will be gluten free, dairy free, sweetened only with fruit, or made from locally grown and milled in-house wheat grain.  Sunrise Bakery will support local farmers and businesses, such as Middle Way Farms for produce and Sips for coffee, whenever possible.

After exploring several options for a downtown space, Vine landed on 934 Main Street due to its convenient, corner location and large windows.  The space is currently undergoing a major renovation in order to capture the feel of a warm but modern space and to add a kitchen in back.  Vine added that the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce has been incredible in both finding this space and putting together some of the pieces of the bakery.  “I have been blown away by the support of our Chamber here in Grinnell.  I could not have made it this far without Rachael Kinnick.  She receives random emails from me all of the time and never complains but always has resources or ideas to share.  The City of Grinnell has been extremely helpful as well.”

Vine is not new to operating a business, but this is the first time she has started a business of her own.  “At age ten, when most of my peers were playing house or watching television, I was drawing up elaborate business ideas.  Somehow along the way, I buried that part of me and starting this business is bringing it back to life.  I have truly enjoyed the process and cannot wait to see it come to fruition.”  Vine added that her four sons, who have functioned as taste testers for menu experimentation, have no complaints.

For more information, visit www.sunrisebakerygrinnell.com, Sunrise Bakery Grinnell on Facebook, or email sunrisebakerygrinnell@gmail.com.

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