40,000 Piece Puzzle…Sure. Sure!


40,000 Piece Puzzle…Sure.  Sure!

He’s doing it again!  After recently completing a 9,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, Mayflower Community (Grinnell, Iowa) resident, John Noer, just acquired a 40,000-piece puzzle.  Having nothing to do for the next couple of years, he may be able to come up with the 22-foot long creation.  Standing six feet tall, the puzzle depicts vivid Disney® characters and scenes.

Buoyed by his success on the 9,000er, John searched for his next challenge and found it at Ravensburger, the 150-year old German-based publishing and games giant.

Shipped by Amazon® in a three by one-foot box, the puzzle is actually 40,320 pieces.  It is composed of 10 different scenes, which will then interlink.  Each of the sub-puzzle pieces are contained in separate plastic bags.  Frankly, all the bags look the same with a beautiful blue tint.

John will work on the puzzle in Mayflower’s Basement Craft Room, lower-level of the Pearson building.  Two side-by-side eight-foot tables are covered with butcher’s paper for the eventual pasting of the finished sub-puzzles.

When asked about his target completion date, John said, “Oh. Maybe three years.”  After a little coaxing from his wife Dorothy, John agreed to shoot for next Christmas.  The shots below show the delivery and opening of the new puzzle.


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