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40,000-Piece Puzzle….COMPLETED!

John Noer, resident of Grinnell’s Mayflower Community, has now finished the 40,000 piece Disney characters puzzle on which he has been working since February 1, 2019.  As a result, John shaved the beard that he started growing when he started the puzzle.  However, you can’t see his smooth face unless he pulls down his mask…which we don’t want at Mayflower!

The 22-foot long creation stands six feet tall and depicts 10 vivid Disney characters and scenes.   

It is a product of Germany’s Ravensburger Companies, founded in 1883 with the board game, “A Trip Around the World,” a take-off on Jules Verne’s book, “Around the World in 80 Days.”  Today, the company not only produces games and puzzles, but also how-to and children’s books and electronics.  In 1998, they opened an amusement park in Germany.

The 10 Disney Scenes are Cinderella, Snow White, The Lion King, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, Bambi, The Jungle Book, Fantasia, Ariel the Little Mermaid, and finally, Peter Pan.

The accompanying photo shows John (with beard!) working on the last 150 pieces of Peter Pan.  John reports that this last frame took him 145 days to complete, one of the longest durations.

The final step with the puzzle is “editing.”  First, John has to match up all the connecting pieces, which for some reason, do not necessarily fit side-by-side.  Then, with glue ordered from Ravensburger and on plywood purchased locally, John can lay out the puzzle for posterity.  Jim Beckman of Grinnell’s Beckman Gallery is planning to help John frame the puzzle.  Jim framed John’s last puzzle, a 9,000-piece beauty hanging in Mayflower’s Carmen Center.

Where will the 22’ x 6’ masterpiece be hung?  We are awaiting those arrangements.  Stay tuned.

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