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100 + People Who Care – Grinnell to Support 1000+ Trees Initiative

By an electronic vote necessitated by the ongoing pandemic, the members of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell selected Imagine Grinnell’s 1000+ Trees initiative to be the recipient of the first quarter’s donations.  Members voted their selection from among three nominations, and are now submitting their $ 100 checks to the directors of 100+ People Who Care – Grinnell, who will then forward the checks to Imagine Grinnell.  The funds thus generated will be used to purchase and plant trees to replace those lost in recent years.

According to the nomination materials offered by the Imagine Grinnell – 1000+ Trees team, approximately 32 % of the city’s total tree canopy was lost to the Emerald Ash Borer and last summer’s derecho.  Funding by 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell will be a very significant boost to the replacement efforts.  With 139 current members, a total approaching $ 14,000 is anticipated by the 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell funding initiative.  This total amount will be used to purchase trees, with the exact number of trees to be determined as Imagine Grinnell 1000 + Trees works with the City of Grinnell and regional nurseries to maximize the purchases this spring.  Areas of the city, south of Sixth Avenue, will be targeted in this funded initiative.

With this quarter’s selection, 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell rounds out four years’ charitable fundraising work.  The organization voted on its first funding project in April, 2017, and at that time had 60 members.  Membership has steadily grown to 139, embracing 186 individuals.  The concept is very simple.  Each member pledges to write a check for $ 100, four times each year, to benefit a project chosen by vote of the membership.  This concept of pooled philanthropy offers a very powerful boost to the recipient organization for projects benefiting the greater Grinnell community.  With this quarter’s giving, more than $ 185,000 has been channeled through 100+ People Who Care – Grinnell to beneficiary organizations over the last four years.  

Membership in 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell is open to all!  For further information on how to join, please contact any of the founding board members:  Christine Day (641-485-6180), Dennis Day (641-485-6118), Donna Ricks (319-269-9626) or Al Ricks (319-269-3475).  

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