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100 + People Who Care – Grinnell Supports Initiative to Fight Food Insecurity

Members of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell voted at their October 22 meeting to support a new initiative fighting food insecurity in the greater Grinnell area.  Healthy Grinnell was established in April of 2019 with a grant received from the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative.  Work was undertaken, in the first phase of the program, to link food insecure patients with local food resources.  An area pediatrician coordinated those referrals.  With funding from 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell, Healthy Grinnell intends to expand food security programs for school-aged children through private and public collaborative efforts. 

With membership of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell now at 128, Healthy Grinnell will receive a total of $ 12,800 for this new phase of its initiative.  Each 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell member donates $ 100 at each meeting, so that through pooled philanthropy, significant projects can be effectively realized.  

Members also heard an update report on the July meeting’s support of a new van for Genesis Development.  With the closing of the local Genesis office, the donated funds were returned to the members.  Another portion of the meeting was spent in evaluation, reviewing the organization’s growth through its two-and-a-half years of existence, and helping the board with procedural ideas for the future.  Since the first voting meeting in April of 2017 and including the most recent meeting, 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell has supported 10 projects with nearly $ 95,000 of funding.  

Grinnell’s chapter of 100 + People Who Care is one of more than 600 such entities across the U.S. and Canada, based on the concept that many people, pooling modest donations four times per year, can significantly benefit their communities.  Project funding is determined by the members, with the focus always on local or area needs.  

Membership remains open to all.  The next meeting of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell will be Tuesday, January 28, 2020.  It will be held in the Parish Hall at St. Mary Church, starting at 5:30 p.m.  For further information about 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell, please call any of the founding board members:  Christine Day, 641-495-6180; Dennis Day, 641-485-6118; Donna Ricks, 319-269-9626; or Al Ricks, 319-269-3475.  

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