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100 + People Who Care – Grinnell Generously Support Ministerial Association and Prepare for Electronic Meeting in January

The 134 current members of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell generously supported the Grinnell Ministerial Association in 2020’s 4th Quarter fund drive.  A total of $ 13,800 was donated to the Ministerial Association to help meet the emergency needs of those who turn to the area churches in times of crisis.  The Ministerial Association frequently offers a safe harbor of last resort to those who are facing hardship due to illness, lost income, or homelessness.  The number of requests coming to the Ministerial Association increased significantly during the pandemic, so the caring work of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell will offer ongoing resource to meet emergency needs.  

The next regular meeting of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell should have been on Tuesday, January 26.  Due to the ongoing pandemic, this month’s meeting will again shift to an online format.  Members are now being invited to nominate worthy charities or organizations in the greater Grinnell area to be beneficiaries of the first quarter’s fundraising initiative.  Any 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell member may nominate an organization by January 18.  Nominations are to be submitted to Christine Day at  Nomination forms have been distributed, electronically, to the members.  

From those nominations, three will be randomly selected and sent to the members for review and voting.  The nominations will be emailed to members on January 26, and votes are to be submitted by the end of the day on Friday, January 29.  The organization receiving the plurality of votes will be announced to members by the 1st of February, and members will be urged to submit their checks, payable to the beneficiary organization, by February 10.  

Membership in 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell remains open to all!  The only requirement of membership is a willingness to pool charitable contributions to benefit a charity, and an expectation to write four $ 100 checks each year.  The concept of 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell began in Michigan, in 2006, and has since spread throughout the United States and Canada.  It is based on an idea that many people, each willing to make a small sacrifice can make a significant difference in their community.  Since the founding of the Grinnell-centered entity in January, 2017, a total in excess of $ 170,000 has flowed to worthy organizations in the area.  

For further information regarding 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell, please contact any of the founding board members:  Christine Day (641-485-6180), Dennis Day (641-485-6118), Donna Ricks (319-269-9626) or Al Ricks (319-269-3475).  

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