Kenny Steffen Gives 22 Years to Mayflower

L. to R.; Scott Gruhn, Kenny Steffen, Jack Morrison

After 22 years working on the Facilities staff of The Mayflower Community (Grinnell IA), Kenny Steffen retired on Friday, May 31st.  He served as an electrician, HVAC specialist, and general repairperson.  One of Kenny’s specialties was installing showers in Mayflower’s traditional apartments.  All were built originally with bathtub/showers.  Over time, Kenny has helped replaced all but three bathtubs with walk-in showers in the 82 apartments.

One of Kenny’s specialties—on the side—has been lawn mowing.  Now, in retirement, Kenny is not only planning to continue mowing, but he has taken on two new engagements.

To thank Kenny for all his support over the years and wish him well, a reception was held in his honor.  Many residents, staff, and community members were present to celebrate him.  Kenny is pictured with two long-time Mayflower associates, Scott Gruhn, Director of Food Services (left), and Jack Morrison, Director of Facilities Operations (right).

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