100 + People Who Care – Grinnell to Support Mental Health Fund


100 + People Who Care – Grinnell to Support Mental Health Fund

100 + People Who Care – Grinnell voted at the January 23 membership meeting to support the JPK Fund for critical mental health care needs in the greater Grinnell area.  Dr. J.R. Paulsen presented the case for this fund, noting its growth over the past year, following the suicide death of one of the area’s medical providers.  The locally administered fund is available to serve emergency and crisis needs for medication and counseling services that are otherwise not being met.

With membership now at seventy-seven, 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell will follow its formula for caring support, with each member writing a $ 100 check to the JPK Fund.  This will result in a total donation of $ 7,700 to help meet crisis mental health needs. Since its inception in January, 2017, the philanthropic group has now contributed a total of $ 27,450 to four organizations.  The causes supported to date have been in the areas of youth services, urgent resource needs, recreation services and, now, emergency medical needs.

Five new memberships were added at the January 23 meeting.  This brings the total number of memberships to 77.  Since, in some cases, spouses or friends share a single membership, the total number of individuals now supporting 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell is exactly 100!  Recruitment of new members continues, with the goal of reaching a membership level of at least 100, so that each quarter $ 10,000 or more will be contributed to help meet current needs in the greater Grinnell area.

For further information regarding 100 + People Who Care – Grinnell, please contact any of the founding board members:  Christine Day (641-485-6180), Dennis Day (641-485-6118), Donna Ricks (319-269-9626), or Al Ricks (319-269-3475).  Donna Ricks serves as the point coordinator for membership questions, with her e-mail contact being djrteach@msn.com.  Christine Day serves as the point coordinator for nominations and administrative questions, with her contact being cday7117@gmail.com.


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